St Philip’s Primary School, Leeds, Lent Fundraising efforts.

To raise money for CAFOD we (school council) thought of the idea of a bring and buy sale. The bring and buy sale was a great success! Many people came to buy things that other people had brought in. There were many stalls such as: Stuffed toy stall, Feely box stall, Eat and drink stall, Vote to gunk the teacher stall, Buzzer stall and finally a bits and bobs stall. At the feely box stall if you felt and guessed what was inside each box at least twice correctly you were entered in to a prize draw.

Gunk the teacher
Gunk the teacher is where children vote for the teacher they would most like to be gunked, by paying 20p per vote. Mr Alexander won the vote, then at the last moment Mrs Taylor kindly (well not so kindly for Mr Casey) added her own money so that there was a double gunking! Mrs Taylor poured a bucket each on Mr Casey and Mr Alexander! There was an auction next because Mrs Taylor had four more buckets of gunk left. The teaching staff bid to see who poured the last four buckets on both teachers.

Bun Sale
Year 6 made all the buns and a few biscuits for people to buy so we could raise money for CAFOD. There were many buns and biscuits. They all looked lovely! The bun sale was very well organised. I want to say a big thank you to year 6, Miss Taylor and everyone who helped with the event.

Non-Uniform day
Everybody who wanted to come to school in their own clothes brought £1 in and the teachers came in school uniform. We thought that this was only fair as they wear non-uniform everyday. We collected all the money and added it to our budget. We collected lots of money, a big thank you to all.

Who wants to be a Chocolate Millionaire?
This is a game where several groups of people have to answer correctly general knowledge questions. The winning group then goes onto win the title of Chocolate Millionaire.

Niamh, Year 5

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