Where’s the Nearest Tap!

Filling their drinking water bottles took on a much deeper meaning on World Water Day for pupils at St Benedict’s Garforth.

Pupils challenged themselves to try and understand some of the difficulties associated with collecting drinking water in developing countries. Each class decided to split into groups and see which group could transport a container of water for a full day at school.

The children used pedometers to measure the distance the water had travelled over the day. Each group had to keep the water travelling all day during the challenge. Children then calculated the distance they had carried the water in their group and compared that to a child in Africa carrying fresh water to their school each day.

RE co-ordinator, Catherine Caunce, said: ‘During Lent the children have continued to explore the work of CAFOD in partnership with parishioners from St Benedict’s to make promises and prayers for a better world linked to the Millennium Development Goals. The children have really latched onto this project and it was great to see the children walking round the dining hall, the playgrounds and classrooms to keep the water moving.’

A group of Year 6 pupils commented on how they had decided to design carriers for the containers to make the job a little easier. School council decided that the older children  should have to carry 2 litres and the younger children 500ml to make the challenge a little fairer.

Kieron Flood, Headteacher

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