Diocese of Leeds Primary Schools Hunger Cloth

What is a ‘Hunger Cloth’?

In the Middle Ages ‘Hunger Cloths’ were used to cover the altar during Lent. These cloths were decorated with images and stories from the bible as a way of helping the people learn more about God.

In recent times hunger cloths have been used in developing countries to remind people that God wants fullness of life for every person and that God is with them in all their struggles. Some of the famous hunger cloths celebrate that we all live in one world, that we all belong together and that the gifts of God’s creation are to be shared with everyone.

Here are two examples, the first from Ethiopia, the second from Haiti

We are inviting all our diocesan primary schools to help us mark CAFOD’s commitment to end poverty and make sure every child has enough to eat by helping us create a ‘Diocese of Leeds CAFOD Hunger Cloth’. We hope it will be an easy but exciting and significant way to join together in thanking God at Harvest time for the many blessings we receive.

Each school is invited to decorate a 20cm square of cloth with any images that represent sharing God’s gifts. We will then put the squares together to make the hunger cloth and invite representatives from all schools to join us at St. Anne’s Cathedral for a service of dedication at 1.30pm on Tuesday October 16th, World Food Day.

We have enclosed a detailed instruction sheet and hope that you will join us in this venture. We need all eighty schools to take part to make a 200cm x 160cm cloth so please play your part!

We look forward very much to creating something wonderful from our Diocesan Primary Schools – thank-you!

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