All Saints Teachers Run All the Way for CAFOD

Alan Perrons, Assistant Head of All Saints High School Huddersfield has encouraged ten others to join him in running the Great North Run for CAFOD. There are 11 teachers running, including teachers from All Saints, teachers who were at All Saints but have moved since summer, and a couple of colleagues from elsewhere.:
Alan told us,
“We’ve all been using the 6-week holidays to get ready and we’ve done a bit of training together.This is my third Great North Run and I managed to coerce the other teachers into doing it, and it’s a fantastic turnout.”

“I was 50 in March and I’ve put together a few things together to celebrate that and CAFOD’s 50th birthday as well! As a Catholic school, we always raise money for CAFOD every year.

The original target of £300 for each individual would take us to more than £3000, but we sent a letter to all the parents so hopefully some more money will come through that. We’re also doing bag-packing at Asda for CAFOD.

“My aim is to do two hours. One colleague has done about 1 hour 45. But what I love is some of the female staff have never done anything like this in their lives before. They started running round the school track and built up from there, up to about five miles. So they’re planning to alternate running and walking. The important thing is to finish, whatever the time is. We’re very excited about being on the start line, but even more about reaching the finish line!”

Also to celebrate his 50th , Alan used to row for Nottingham and he told us, ‘For 30 years we’ve all gone our own ways, so I had the idea of getting in touch with my old rowing Eight, which I did and we got together to row on the Trent, which was fantastic!”

My whole family have been very supportive but my two daughters are laughing at me every time I come in from a run on a Saturday morning puffed out.”

Everyone at CAFOD will be cheering them on. Well done and thanks Alan and colleagues!

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