Fidel and Julia visit Assumption Church

On Friday 15th March, Assumption Church Leeds had a visit from Fidel and Julia our Connect 2 partners in Puentecitos, El Salvador.

They were very impressive and enthusiastic speakers and gave us an insight into the life of poor farmers in El Salvador. People have very small plots of land and it is difficult to make a living and feed a family.

In addition, El Salvador’s climate ranges from severe droughts to floods which cause landslides.

CAFOD has helped farmers with new ways of growing crops such as terracing land and has helped with the reintroduction of the old traditional seeds rather than the unsuitable and expensive genetically engineered seeds.

We saw a very impressive before/after pictures of crops growing on terraces on land that had previously suffered from erosion.

CAFOD has also helped in the setting up of small enterprises such as soapmaking.

After the presentation, questions and tea and cakes, we had wonderful Latin American music from Ana Luisa and Barbara from Leeds based group Mestisa and the evening ended with everyone dancing.

Pictures to follow soon…

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