Students come together to learn about world hunger

ImageNearly 150 students from all over Yorkshire gathered at Notre Dame College in Leeds last Monday to learn about world hunger and what they can do to fight it.

Eight schools from all over Yorkshire took part in the CAFOD led day that sought to inspire and educate the students about hunger issues. They learnt that one in eight people in the world go to bed hungry and children are dying from malnutrition, despite the fact there is enough food for everyone.

They learnt how CAFOD, through its Hungry for Change campaign and the ‘Enough Food for Everyone IF’ campaign, is trying to change the unjust global food system.

Aaron, 15, from St Mary’s in Menston said “The sheer number of people without food isn’t something that you can just forget. If I do my part and inspire other people then hopefully everybody will join in and then we will have enough food for everyone.”

Margaret Siberry, diocesan manager for CAFOD Leeds said “It’s great to see so many students giving their time to learn about world issues and the ways they can play a part. This is the first time we’ve run such a day and it’s been a joy to see the enthusiasm and commitment of the young people. We look forward to running many more in the future.”

Students came from Holy Family in Carlton; St Mary’s in Menston, St Wilfrid’s from Featherstone, Holy Family from Keighley, Corpus Christi and Mount St Mary’s in Leeds, and St Joseph’s and St Bede’s in Bradford.

Both campaigns focus on the prominent issue of world hunger with 1 in 8 people across the globe not having enough to eat. The campaigns call on governments and multi-national companies to change their ways to enable people to meet their basic needs. These changes include more transparency of government deals and of companies’ tax payments, enabling land for food growth and providing much needed aid.

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