CAFOD at Leeds 10K


In the scorching heat around 20 CAFOD runners joined thousands of charity runners for the Jane Tomlinson Leeds 10k. There was a festive atmosphere and the highlight for CAFOD was the number of young runners and the group from St. Joseph’s parish Pudsey, who had nine people running, including four fifteen year olds and two father and son teams.

Lawrence Hogan, the parish Youth Group leader, astounded onlookers by running in a fish costume, Steve Lock dressed as a Fairtrade banana to highlight that St Joseph’s team wanted to raise awareness about the Hungry for Change campaign.

They have also managed to raise a fantastic £1000.


Also among the young runners were brother and sister team Dominic and Melissa Marwoord, who responded to an appeal in the Holy Name parish bulletin.
Many thanks to all who gave time and energy and to all their supporters who cheered them on wearing loaves and fishes hats – a style not to be missed!

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