Hungry for Change: Thank you & Next Steps

50,000 CAFOD supporters have taken Hungry for Change actions so far – with more flooding through our postbox each day. It’s an incredible response that shows just how much you want to see change happen.

We’ve come a long way, but there is still more to do.

We still need support for small-scale farmers. The UN has said that investment in this group provides the single biggest opportunity to reduce hunger and poverty. At the moment, powerful companies can still influence government descisions in ways that we cannot see. What we can see is that small-scale farmers and families trying to put food on the table often get a raw deal. This is why we are asking the UK government to ensure lobbying activities are out in the open.

How can you stay involved??

  • Take our latest Hungry for Change action – you’ll find the latest one online at
  • Get to know your MP with our CAFOD MP correspondent scheme. We will send you briefings, tips and all you need to grab your MP’s attention and make sure that they support the changes that you want to see. Sign up at
  • And don’t forget!…There are plenty of ways you can help to bring about change every day:
    • buy local, sustainable or Fairtrade food
    • Cut down on eating meat and food wastage to reduce your carbon footprint
    • pray for those who go hungry, for those with the power to change the food system and for all of us who need the strength to stand up for what is right.

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