Quiz Night Fun

St Aelred’s CAFOD group organised a quiz night on the weekend of the Harvest Fast, supported as ever by our Parish Priest Fr Jim Leavy. With an attendance of over 80 people including 11 children, CAFOD member Paul Mooney was our quiz master. As well as having a very enjoyable and challenging evening £680 was raised for CAFOD funds.
photo 2
We generally organise a social event around harvest festival, this year we ran a quiz of eight rounds plus a round for children. After after four rounds of the quiz we served sandwiches and cake, all the food was donated and prepared by the Catholic group and supporters in the Parish. In this interval we drew the raffle of 17 prizes which had also been donated.

Before we started the second half of the quiz Maggie Atkinson gave a talk about our present involvement with CAFOD. Firstly she summarized St Aelred’s Connect 2 project with Musa in Rwanda which supported the survivors of genocide. We were all heartened to hear that this project is now self-financing and our connection to it has therefore been completed. Maggie explained that we were in the process of getting information from CAFOD about our next Connect 2 project and the group would inform the parish in the near future of the various projects we could work with. As before we will allow the parish to vote on which Connect 2 project we will support in the future. Maggie then explained where the funds raised from our quiz night would be sent, she outlined the long term commitments that CAFOD has to refugees and that the money would be sent via the Leeds Office for one of CAFOD’s current projects.

A good night was enjoyed by all and we raised money for a worthy cause.

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