Tues 12 nov – at the site of the assassination of Oscar Romero

San Salvador is a busy capital city. We travelled to the hospice of divine providence through dense but neat groups of housing. It was striking that all the better houses had iron railings over all their windows and many that had razor wire along their walls. Personal security is clearly an issue for people here. The hospice is the only such establishment in Central America, let alone El Salvador. It was in the grounds of this hospice that Oscar Romero lived and, in their chapel, where he died 33 years ago. The whole peacefulness of the place clashed with images of this priest being shot whilst at the altar. The lone gunman fired his shot from beyond the open doors of the church during the offertory of the mass that the archbishop was celebrating.

The mass being said was a memorial mass on the anniversary of a journalist who often spoke out against the government. Oscar Romero was killed for the same reason. Already, it is clear that the memory of this man is very strong here and continues to be an inspiration for people.

These plaques of thanksgiving have been put up in the garage area of the house where mgr Romero lived in the grounds of the hospice. This is now a small museum.

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