St Mary’s Menston Environment Day


This solar powered school in Kenya Featured in the Assembly

Guest Blogger Clare McKenzie writes for CAFOD Leeds.

Ben, Joanne and Clare from CAFOD Leeds visited St Mary’s Secondary School, Menston, on 11th February to join in with their Environment day. The year 13s were having an off timetable day to focus on issues related to the environment.

The day started off with an assembly all about CAFOD, Creation and Stewardship where we were discussing the problems currently facing the environment and the changes that are happening. This also explained why CAFOD is committed to caring about for the environment and how it affects the work that CAFOD does overseas.

CAFOD Leeds Manager Ben Oldham Said: “The day was huge success and it was rewarding to see young people so enthusiastic about learning about climate change and what they can do to have a positive impact.”

We also managed to get a bit active, playing a quiz jumping up and down to the correct answers! It was an amazing opportunity to meet young people who were keen on learning about the environment and interested in CAFOD’s work.

We then visited their smaller groups and saw what workshops they were doing for the rest of the day. In the classrooms we were given play-doh and invited to model environmental issues while the others guessed what we were making.

Finally, we played charades and were acting out different ways that we could help to support the environment. These fun events all helped the students to better understand global climate change issues and consider how then can help to slow the effects.

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