From Quiz Night to Watertight.

A Community Water Supply in Zimbabwe

Oldham Parish Raises Money for Community Water Supply.

Sacred Heart Parish, Uppermill, hosted a quiz night last month and used the money raised to buy a Water Supply for a community in a developing country through CAFOD’s World Gifts.

Their generous £750 donation will help provide the materials and know-how to build wells, water tanks and reservoirs, and to install and lay pumps, water pipes and taps to provide clean, safe water to entire communities.

The Quiz Night, now in its eight year, was attended by almost 90 people who enjoyed questions on a variety of topics put together by Susan Gibson.

Anne Kirkman helped to sell tickets and raffle tickets while other volunteers helped to serve a potato pie supper with teas, coffees and soft drinks although people were invited to bring their own grown-up pop!

Many regulars attended the evening but less familiar faces were also invited through posters advertising the event and the work of CAFOD’s World Gifts.

A big thank you goes to everyone who organised or attended the event which sounds like it was a huge success!

    Case Study- World Gifts in Action:

“We are now feeling healthy. We don’t get diseases from the water now.” Hadas Hailu, Ethiopia

The people in the remote village of Egrihariba, Ethiopia used to suffer a lot due to a shortage of clean water. Fortunately, CAFOD constructed a borehole in the village so that 225 families now have access to safe drinking water. Hadas’s family is just one of those families who’ve benefited. “We had to go to the river to get water. It used to take us two hours to get there,” Hadas recalls. “I boiled the water before I used it so we didn’t get sick.” From the moment the borehole opened, Hadas’s life began to change. Now it’s a much easier job to collect all the water her family needs and bring it home in jerry cans. “We prepare food, wash clothes and dishes and drink from this water,” she told us, “We are now feeling healthy.”

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