St Philip’s Primary School Staff are running the Leeds 10K for CAFOD!

The ‘Elite Team’ – (from left to right) Kirstie Chilvers, Darren Kinder, Stephen Longfellow and Sam Fern

We are so proud of all the St Philip’s staff taking part in the Leeds 10K to raise money for CAFOD!

Hannah Taylor, Stephen Longfellow, Fran Morland, Sam Fern, Kirstie Chilvers, Darren Kinder, Aaron Millls, Martyne Jone and Michelle Fox will all be running to raise money for our work on 20 July 2014.

The decision to run for CAFOD was an obvious choice for the school which regularly supports our work to help those living in poverty around the world.

Hannah Taylor, senior assistant head teacher at St Philip’s, spoke to us about how the team had been getting on so far.

Hannah said: “The children couldn’t believe it when I told them I would be taking part as I’m not one of the more sporty teachers. They are really encouraging and have agreed to help me train by doing some running during the weeks leading up to the 10K.

“We started training over a month ago but have been getting psychologically prepared for a little longer.  Fran, Martyne and I are the beginners group but we are pleased with what we have achieved so far. We are now able to run and walk about 2K in about 20 minutes and are not feeling as exhausted when we get back to school! Running together is a great motivation and we all really support each other. The beginners group set each other targets and work hard to achieve these on our runs.”

The team have already had their first injury with Fran Morland, a year 4 teacher, breaking two bones in her hand during one of the team’s training runs. Despite her injury Fran continued to train. What an incredible show of commitment!

Teachers Hannah Taylor and Fran Morland after their first training run

You can donate to the St Philip’s Leeds 10K team by visiting their Just Giving page at

Thanks to everyone in the St Philip’s Leeds 10K team!

Are you also taking part in the Leeds 10K to support our work? Let us know at or on 0113 275 9302.

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