Taking action on Climate Change in the Yorkshire Dales

Volunteers serving up the locally sourced wonderful meal

Volunteers serving up the locally sourced wonderful meal

Following the launch of the One Climate One World campaign in the diocese of Leeds at LTU on 16th October, parishes around the diocese are taking action on climate change.

On Thursday 23rd October the parish of SS Mary and Michael’s in Settle hosted a special evening of prayer and action on climate change. People from across the town contributed locally grown produce such as fruit, vegetables, meat and even flour which was transformed into a hearty meal by volunteers from the Christian churches in Settle.

Over 50 people attended the event and heard Ben Oldham, from CAFOD Leeds, talk about the reality of the impact of climate change on the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities.

The group listened to the story of Sinteyo from Kenya whose community has been affected by climate change. They witnessed how the support from CAFOD is making a significant difference to the community by providing people with sustainable livelihoods whilst omitting any reliance on polluting fossil fuels.

Take action on climate change today

Ben said, “Climate change is the single biggest threat to reducing poverty. So we are calling on Westminster party leaders to prevent climate change pushing people further into poverty. We need to set an example to our political leaders. By taking action in our own lifestyles, we can set the example which we expect them to follow.”

People wrote down something that they pledged to change in their own lifestyle on a giant heart to symbolise their commitment to taking action.

Members of the Settle churches diplaying the giant heart with their pledges on

Members of the Settle churches diplaying the giant heart with their pledges on

Margaret McSherry, a parishioner from SS Mary and Michael’s parish, said, “The giant heart was displayed in the Catholic church over the weekend and will now travel to the other churches so that more people will be inspired to take action. By the end of the tour it will be overflowing with pledges and will show the commitment of people in Settle to their brothers and sisters overseas affected by climate change.”

The event also raised £323 in support of CAFOD’s work. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this special evening.

If you are interested in holding a similar event to inspire your parish, school or Churches Together group to take action, please contact the CAFOD Leeds office on 0113 275 9302 or email leeds@cafod.org.uk

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