Catholic causes working for future generations

Judith Rees at the kindergarten of CAFOD partner SCAD (Social Change and Development) in India.

Judith Rees at the kindergarten of CAFOD partner SCAD (Social Change and Development) in India.

Millions of people around the world rely on the help they receive from Catholic organisations, but did you know that much of that work is funded by gifts in wills?

CAFOD is part of “Your Catholic Legacy” – a group of Catholic charities hoping to encourage people to leave a gift in their will to Catholic causes.

Legacies come in all shapes and sizes and every gift is a lasting reminder of our dedicated friends who help us in this far-reaching way: friends like Judith Rees.

Born in Brighouse, Judith’s faith inspired her at CAFOD. Over 25 years, she held several roles as varied as working in our International team and as Head of Supporter Services. And when supporter, and cook, Delia Smith visited Judith provided lunch using produce from her garden in Shropshire.

In 2007 Judith travelled to India to collect stories from people helped by CAFOD after the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. Their remarkable resilience in learning new skills and rebuilding their lives made a deep impression on her.

CAFOD Director, Chris Bain, said “We will remember Judith for her no nonsense approach as much as for her tremendous sense of justice and commitment to the poor. Judith’s life embodied the concept of making the best use of your talents and she was dedicated to improving the lives of others in all she did.”

Practical and generous to the end, Judith kindly left us a gift in her will which has been used to support projects in Asia.

For more information about making a will or leaving a legacy to CAFOD, visit: or call Heather on 020 7095 5367.

To read more about Your Catholic legacy and the member charities, visit:

What will your Catholic legacy be?

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