CAFOD Ebola appeal raises one million

Thank you for donating more than one million pounds to our Ebola crisis Appeal. Your compassion is saving lives in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea.

Your support is helping our local Church partners to educate people about the risks of the virus, to supply essential hygiene kits and washing-stations, and to ensure that burials are carried out safely to reduce the risk of infection. We are also providing emergency supplies of rice to thousands of people in areas that have been quarantined or where farming has been restricted.

Neil Casey, Head of our Humanitarian team, said: “This has been a fantastic response by the Catholic community, and their generosity is making a huge difference on the ground. Some of our staff and partners have themselves lost family members to Ebola, but, even in difficult circumstances, they’re working around the clock to try to stop the spread.”

Thank you to the everyone who has donated from the Diocese of Leeds, including the parishes and schools who have been fundraising to support the appeal.

Find out more about CAFOD’s response to the crisis here.


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