St Joseph’s Parish and RC Primary School have doubled their efforts this Lent

The CAFOD group at St Joseph’s Pontefract held a Soup and Bread Meal on 22nd February to raise money for the Lent Fast Day Appeal.

Tickets were sold the week before at £2 each and CAFOD group members made soups and delivered them to the School Hall before the 11:30am Mass.


At the meal, the theme of CAFOD’s latest campaign was introduced by creating a display about climate change and handing out ‘switch me off’ and ‘turn me down’ stickers.


The pupils at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Pontefract also got involved during the week of St. Valentine’s Day. We provided them with heart templates from the CAFOD website on which the children wrote pledges, prayers or messages on the theme of caring for creation. We then combined the hearts to form one giant heart, which was displayed at the meal.


The meal was a great success and raised £146.70, which have twice the impact this year as the appeal is being Match Funded by the Department for International Development*.

A big thank you to Hannah and Kate Jones for sending in this story and photos as well as the parish group for organising the event and to everyone who attended. Please send in your stories and photos to

*All donations received as part of our Lent appeal between Ash Wednesday, 18 February, and Sunday 17 May 2015, and the UK government will match what you give, up to a total of £5 million. You can donate here.

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