Conor in Keighley is a pocket money donor

Conor Slater Keighley School fundraiser

Five-year-old St Joseph’s Primary School charity donor Conor Slater, with executive head teacher John Devlin

A KEIGHLEY school pupil has made an extremely early start to his charity fundraising efforts. Connor Slater, who is just five-years-old and a year one pupil at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary, has impressed parents and staff with his generosity.

Staff at St Joseph’s are very proud of Connor’s kindness during the Pope’s Year of Mercy. It is a bit unusual as Conor is so young, but it shows that he’s obviously taken away the message we give at our assemblies and thought about it. He has asked for his money to go towards CAFOD to help people in the developing world have clean water.

Class teacher and head of religious education Sue Sheridan, explained: “Our school raised money for various charities during Lent. After a CAFOD charity assembly, and following collective worship in class, Connor decided to donate the contents of his money box. He came into school with the money from his money box and a note from his parents explaining what he wanted to do. His parents were so proud of his thoughtfulness they matched the amount, raising a total of £31.40.

If you would like CAFOD to come to your school to deliver an assembly or workshop please call (0113) 275 9302 or email

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