Volunteer meet up at Sacred Heart and St William’s, Uppermill

Anne Kirkman Uppermill

Anne Kirkman at the CAFOD display board, Sacred Heart and St William Church, Uppermill 

Anne Kirkman volunteers as the CAFOD Parish Contact at Sacred Heart and St William in Uppermill. After a recent conversation, Anne invited Bronagh Daly, CAFOD Community Participation Coordinator (CPC) to come visit their church and join in their coffee and catch up at a local café in Uppermill.

This was a great opportunity for the Deacon of the church and the parishioners to meet with their new CPC. Bronagh said, “I started in post in February 2016 and one of my big ambitions is to get out to visit as many CAFOD groups and volunteers as I can in my 15 hours per week. Joanne and I will be out and about across the diocese over the next few months, at meet ups like today. It is a really good way to meet with our volunteers and find out what resources, help and guidance they need to help with their actions, whether that is fundraising, praying or campaigning.’

“Anne is amazing, a real inspiration. She has a wonderful way of involving members of the church congregation to help spread the word about the work of CAFOD” added Bronagh.

“We hold a quiz night every year for CAFOD and that is a fun event, tickets sell quickly and we all look forward to it. As well as the Lenten and Harvest appeal, we have a collection box in the church. Susan who helps with our CAFOD fundraising, started up our Smarties Tube fundraiser, the kids in the parish can take home a tube of smarties and once they have enjoyed their sweet treat, they can fill the tube up with £1 coins. Once returned there is usually about £11 in them. Its a really good fun, easy way for the whole parish to get involved and it all goes toward the work of CAFOD” said Anne.

There were about 12 parishioners from the church who joined Anne and Bronagh for an informal coffee and catch up. “We meet here most weeks after Thursday morning Mass, its a nice way just to catch up and get to know each other better” said one parishioner.

There were  laughs and insights whilst sharing stories about the fundraising and actions that take place throughout the year. Some of those attending the meet up have spoken at Mass to promote the Lenten and Harvest appeals and are keen to get more involved. Watch this space…

Uppermill CAFOD supporters

Sacred Heart and St William, Uppermill parishioners and supporters of CAFOD sharing stories over coffee.


If you have been inspired by Anne’s story and the parishioners at Sacred Heart and St William in Uppermill, perhaps you would like to become a Parish Contact or just want to find out more about how you could get involved in your parish.

When you volunteer in your parish, you have the chance to bring your parish community together to take action for global justice. 

Using your relationships with the parish priest, other volunteers and members of your parish community, and your passion for a fairer world, you will have the opportunity to bring CAFOD’s work to life by helping promote and share CAFOD’s work with others.  What’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to the life of your parish, connect with other communities overseas, and know that all of your efforts will go to help many in the world’s poorest communities to have more prosperous and fulfilling lives.

To find out more about volunteering in your parish, please call (0113) 275 9302 or email Leeds@cafod.org.uk

To apply for a volunteering opportunity you can complete this online application and we will be in touch shortly.

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