Our Lady of Kirkstal CAFOD Group Lampedusa Pilgrimage

Michael Emly is a member of a local CAFOD Group in Leeds and speaks about their recent Lampedusa Pilgrimage

“Recently several member of our CAFOD Group from the Parish of Our Lady of Kirkstal in Leeds, came together to take part in a Lampedusa Pilgrimage . The event was the result of several discussions we had after we had the opportunity to see the cross and complete the Lampedusa Action cards at one of our previous CAFOD group meeting in 2016


Lampedusa Pilgrimage, Our Lady of Kirkstal CAFOD group (Photo courtesy of Eddie Aitken)


“Thinking about the impact taking part in the Lampedusa Pilgrimage, I’d say we all felt a tremendous sense of prayerfulness, of togetherness, and also of compassion for refugees and a desire to do something to help

“Two members of our group are CAFOD school volunteers and had come across the Lampedusa Cross in person during a training session . They spoke highly of it and in fact led us on our pilgrimage that night.  Although the experience was valuable in itself we also wanted to complete the pilgrimage with a view to subsequently sharing it with others in our parish.

“We would encourage other parishes to take part in the Pilgrimage action without hesitation.  We think it would work best with a group of between 10 and 20 people. The format is flexible anyway but for a larger group it might need to be tweaked.   And of course there is some slightly different material available for children and for young people.

olk-lampedusa-passport-and-action-cardIf you would like to find out more about the Lampedusa Cross Pilgrimage, please get in touch with Joanne or Bronagh on (0113) 275 9302 or email leeds@cafod.org.uk


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