Bilton pupils think big for little fish at CAFOD assembly


CAFOD volunteers in their big fish hats

Pupils at St. Joseph’s Primary School in Bilton welcomed CAFOD to their school assembly to learn about fish farming and how this could help farmers in Zambia. 

School volunteers Maggie Atkinson and Deacon David Arblaster demonstrated how CAFOD’s Lenten Appeal encourages Zambian farmers to look to fish farming as a new source of income. They donned CAFOD big fish hats and taught the children how to fish, examples of little actions that will make a big difference to farmers living in poverty.



St. Joseph’s pupils learning how to fish

David said, ‘We delivered the whole school assembly and the children particularly seemed to like our volunteers’ Big Fish hats! We then thanked them for their wonderful donation following their fundraising efforts last autumn for CAFOD’s Harvest Appeal.”




This assembly is one of the many fishy events being organised around Lent Fast Day on 10 March to help the poorest communities around the world to feed their families and make a living.

A warm thank you to pupils at St. Joseph’s and to our school volunteers for their “fishy” themed assembly and the best of luck to all those fundraising for Lent Fast Day.

If you would like to organise your own fishy fundraiser or would like more information on CAFOD’s Lent Fast Day, please ring Joanne or Bronagh on 0113 275 9302.

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