From Saltaire to Bolivia: Lecture on the effects of UK aid in Bolivia at Leeds Trinity University

A West Yorkshire aid worker is set to deliver a lecture at Leeds Trinity University about how UK aid has made a life changing impact in Bolivian communities.

01_Cristina_Cristina and her family with Nikki 01

Nikki Evans first visited Bolivia in 1998

On May 4, Nikki Evans from Saltaire, will give a special lecture, beginning at 7pm, about her experiences living in Latin America as aid agency CAFOD’s Bolivia Programme Officer.

 The talk, which is part of Leeds Trinity University’s annual development series, will reflect on her time spent living in La Paz, Bolivia, working alongside communities and local organisations and the effect that UK aid has had on these communities.

10_CAFOD_Nikki portrait 05

Nikki Evans is CAFOD’s Bolivia Programme Officer

Nikki said: “When I first visited Bolivia in 1998, I arrived in La Paz where the indigenous ladies wear bowler hats, large skirts and colourful shawls. It was a world away from Bradford, where I had just finished studying for an MA at the peace studies centre.

“Communities try to live in harmony with nature but they suffer some of the worst effects of climate change. The rainy season has become unpredictable and temperatures are rising which is putting more pressure on the rural agricultural communities.”

CAFOD has been working in Bolivia for more than 20 years, supporting local organisations to ensure that communities can produce nutritious food, ensuring human rights are understood and respected; and natural resources are managed in a fair and transparent way.

 During her lecture Nikki will share experiences about the Andean concept of “Vivir

10_CAFOD_Nikki portrait 03

Nikki Evans whilst in Bolivia

bien”, which is roughly translated as “living well”, and how organisations work with communities to ensure that they are shaping their own development in line with their own understanding of what that means.

Nikki said: “CAFOD’s rural livelihoods projects are helping people grow enough food to survive on their land and includes training and support so that families and communities can produce proposals to which they present to local and national authorities.

“I am really looking forward to speaking at Leeds Trinity University so that I can share my experiences and hopefully, help people to learn a bit more about Bolivian communities and the effect that UK aid has on real communities around the world.”

Tickets to the event are free and can be booked through Eventbrite.

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