Introducing Patrick – our new campaign volunteer co-ordinator

After spending nearly eight years serving in the British army, one Bradford University graduate is now enjoying his time working as a volunteer for aid agency CAFOD. 

Patrick Chabviaka

Patrick Chabviaka, CAFOD Leeds’ campaign volunteer co-ordinator

Patrick Chabviaka has been CAFOD Leeds’ campaign volunteer co-ordinator since February after taking a particular interest in international development.

Patrick said: “I graduated from university in 2014 having done an international development course but there is only so much you can learn through theories.

“I realise now what a huge role organisations like CAFOD play and I now have a better idea how campaigns work.”

Patrick, who has also worked for Oxfam, currently spends one day a week in the CAFOD Leeds office and is embracing the challenges of his role.

He said: “My volunteer job involves working hand in hand with volunteers and ensuring they get all the resources I need.

“This job has offered a real insight into how international organisations work and although it is challenging, I am finding it really good.

“I am very lucky to have such a supportive team and they are always on my fingertips and there to help.”

If you are interested in volunteering for CAFOD, visit our website.

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