Children Lead Carlton Fundraising

Children in Carlton gathered together to say thank you for their lives and lead fundraising for communities in need across the world. 


Children displayed what they were thankful for at the mass

Parishioners young and old at St Mary’s Church raised money in a variety of ways before, during and after mass on Sunday October 15 for CAFOD.

Everybody was invited to bring something they are thankful for to the mass, with a particular emphasis on children. The items ranged from a tin of food to a scooter and were all displayed at mass.

A cake stall run by children from the parish was held after mass, raising an impressive £58.80. Many pupils from Holy Family High School helped out with the fundraising and a further £78.68 was raised by their ‘harvest produce’ stall.

Students from the school also brought along harvest boxes with tins and packets of food to be distributed to the local food bank and to pensioners in the area.


Children led a cake stall after mass

CAFOD representative in Leeds, Bronagh Daly, said: “The mass was a lovely occasion, giving thanks and sharing together with others in our community.

“This was a great way for people to say thank you for many things in our lives, which we often forget.

“Archbishop Oscar Romero, who was assassinated after he spoke out for the poor people of El Salvador, said ‘we plant the seeds that one day will grow’ and that is what St Mary’s Church did getting lots of children involved.”

The money raised will be donated to CAFOD’s Harvest appeal. The appeal focuses on helping communities like those in El Salvador, where farming is the dominant profession but the land is often difficult to grow food on.

Many farmers in the South American country use substandard seeds that only last one harvest and cannot cope with pests.

CAFOD’s partners will help farmers’ crops to flourish by using native seeds and seed banks as well as offering training on how to care for the environment.

To find out more about the CAFOD harvest appeal, visit our website.



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