Sophie Set for CAFOD El Salvador and Nicaragua Trip!

Step into the Gap volunteer Sophie Aulton has jetted off to El Salvador and Nicaragua as part of her CAFOD gap year! Read her thoughts below…

Sophie Aulton

Gap year volunteer, Sophie Aulton

Throughout Christmas I have been getting bits of things for the upcoming trip to El Salvador and Nicaragua. Mosquito repellent, light clothing, shampoo, shower gel, torches and chargers have been going round and round in my head since the CAFOD weekend in November to prepare us for the upcoming adventure. However it has become almost second nature to talk about the destinations on the visit, security precautions and vaccinations with those who ask, having given many presentations to school children about El Salvador and Nicaragua, and what I will be doing there. This has allowed me to become familiar with CAFOD’s work in the areas as well as knowledgeable about their political history.

It is now less than three weeks until I take the long journey from Manchester to Central America. Having never travelled so far from home geographically and never been to countries like El Salvador and Nicaragua, I am at a loss what to expect from my visit. I have been asked many times whether I am nervous, excited or scarred for the trip I am about to take, however I am still at a loss to express my emotion, or even comprehend it myself. The lack of true understanding of what it will be like has meant that I am unable to decide for myself what I am feeling! All I know is that I will love any experience to connect with other people that I will encounter. I will be able to take joy in seeing CAFODs work that I have been teaching so many primary school, secondary school and college children about. I cannot wait to come back and tell those who I told about my trip about Bee Keeping in Nicaragua, youth centres in San Salvador, the native seeds now being grown in Puentecitos and crosses made in La Palma. For now however, I will just have to wait until 24th January to begin my adventure, and have what I am certain will be one of the most memorable things I will do.

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