My Office Volunteering Journey so Far.

My first day was VERY surprising. Having spoken to another volunteer I was lead to believe it was going to be quite quiet. Unbeknown to me, there was an event in the office that day and so it was EXTREMELY busy! I was definitely thrown in at the deep end with my volunteering but I couldn’t have been happier. I managed to meet local parish volunteers and organise donations for my own events with the Chaplaincy up at Leeds Trinity University.

Daisy First Day Office Volunteer with Share the Journey mail out

Sending out Share The Journey resources to a local Parish!


The issues that come with starting at a new place were all there on my couple of days.  Firstly, I didn’t have a log in. Then half of the icons disappeared and I had to get IT support. Being the “computer savvy” person that I am, I completely freaked out when IT took control of my computer!

Thankfully, it has settled down and the IT issues are less frequent. The other staff and volunteers welcomed me with open arms and I feel right at home in this little community. I cannot wait for the weeks to come!

My volunteer role is all about supporting the parish and school volunteers and I have learnt so many new skills. I have been in contact with local parishes about volunteering and chasing up on applications, so as many people as possible can join us on this wonderful journey. I have also been encouraging them to join our Share The Journey campaign. I have learnt how to use the franking machine and it turns out I am quite good at it, despite my horrific IT skills (fully expecting to send ALOT more mail!).

If you would like to know more about the amazing work carried out here, please click here.



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