Year 8 Holy Family, Carlton walk 300 miles in solidarity with refugees

Holy Family Carlton year 8 pupils have recently put their faith into action and took part in the ‘Share the journey’ campaign. The students from Carlton, Selby learned a lot about the refugee crisis during the walk, and reflected on how they would feel if they were walking in the shoes of those fleeing danger, persecution, famine and unknown hardships.

holy family carlton share the journey

Year 8 students from Holy Family, Carlton walk in solidarity with refugees

Sara Lambert, Lay Chaplain at Holy Family Catholic High School in Carlton, said “We went to Goathland and Whitby and we walked 12 miles together. There was 25 of us so in total we walked 300 miles! The pupils loved taking part.”

The students from Year 8 had an opportunity to learn more about the plight of their global brothers and sisters who need our support to call on Government leaders to support those seeking refuge. One year 8 student said “I don’t know how refugees do what they do as I found the walk itself hard for me!”  

share the journey logo

If your school would like to follow in the footsteps of this amazing group of Year 8 students, click this link to download your Organiser’s Guide and also, you can find all the resources you need for your walk here. Don’t forget to add your total miles to the totaliser and send us your pictures to so we can share on social media and inspire more schools to follow in your footsteps!!!

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