A Modern Lenten Appeal in Skipton

Researched and written by Matty Maslen, CAFOD volunteer

St Stephen’s Parish, Skipton, took a leap of faith into the modern world for their Lenten Appeal this year. The Parish used a contactless fundraising machine to collect donations and found it a great success.

Sheila Gregory profile pic 2020

Sheila Gregory, CAFOD Parish Volunteer, St Stephen’s Skipton

The Lenten spirit of Almsgiving was captured and magnified by the machine. This was especially the case with visitors to the Parish. The machine was especially effective at encouraging visitors to be generous in donations.

St Stephen’s Parishioners welcomed the new technology after it was introduced to them by Sheila Gregory who said: If you want to pay with blips in the data sphere instead of cash I can help you with that!”. This

Although in lent we are encouraged to reflect both on the sufferings and sacrifices of Jesus, but also to look forward. We are told during this time to prepare the way for the Lord, to embrace change for the better – and St Stephen’s have done just this. (The next change is to ensure the government attach gift aid to these contactless donations made – which is not currently the case!)

Contactless machine Lent Appeal 2020

The generous donations of CAFOD supporters throughout the year, but especially during Lent, are felt throughout the world’s most in-need communities. St Stephen’s has demonstrated how embracing new ideas can help us to feel connected to these communities overseas and to each other.

As Sheila said: For me it is SO important never to forget the suffering and travails of our family in the developing world- especially as I sit here in comfort!”.


For more information about contactless giving, please get in touch by email contactless@cafod.org.uk

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