Meanwood, St Urban’s Primary pupils families and staff prepare for Christmas with World Gifts

Words by Lesley Woods, St Urban’s Primary School

What does it mean to your school to support families who live in some of the world’s poorest communities?
It means we can help and serve others. It means we can help to make people’s lives easier and more comfortable. It means we are making a difference for the world’s poorest people. We can provide money to help families and communities buy food, clothing and medicines, to help pay for education and to help build homes and shelters.

Why does CAFOD matter to your school and local community?
It is a way of connecting our school to people around the world who are in need. It’s one way we can live out our Christian mission to help anyone in need. We have supported CAFOD for many years now and dedicate a lesson (during the teaching of PHSE) to the charity and what it does and who and how it helps others. 

Do the children feel a connection to the families they support?
The children do feel a connection to the families they support from the lessons taught in school, from the CAFOD website and resources shared on there. They like to watch the real-life stories about the children and families living in the poorest communities and countries. They love to hear about where their money has been spent and for who and what (World Gifts, clean water/pumps, Harvest Fast Day) They very much look forward to the CAFOD lessons in school.

St Urban’s Pupil with Advent themed artwork from a recent CAFOD session on World Gifts

What do you have planned for World Gifts?
We have recently delivered a lesson about Advent and have incorporated World Gifts into it (how we can prepare for the birth of Jesus) – giving to charity (CAFOD) being one of ways to prepare. We are fund raising for this in each class and will buy as many World Gifts as we can. We are hoping to purchase several cleaning kits as we think they are very important at this particular time.

Would you like a CAFOD school volunteer to do an online virtual visit or a recorded THANK YOU message?
Please can we have a recorded video thank you message. (CLICK HERE to see the Thank You video from Helen)

If you are inspired by what you have read about St Urban’s Primary students, families and staff efforts to raise awareness and funds for CAFOD Keep Clean Kits please get in touch we would love to hear your story!

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