Catch up on the One Climate One World talks


Leeds Trinity University along with CAFOD hosted an event to bring together students and CAFOD supporters to take action against climate change. The event, which happened on Thursday 16 October, featured guest speakers, games and activities which highlighted the importance of the growing effects of climate change.

For those who were unable to make the event the talks were filmed and can be viewed below.

Professor of Climate Impacts at University of Leeds, Andy Challinor, said: ¨This isn’t just a local issue, it’s a global issue, so really it’s about taking all these considerations on board and making informed decisions.¨

Watch Andy’s short talk here:

We also heard from Dr Ann Marie Mealey, Senior Lecturer in Theology at Leeds Trinity Univesity, who exaplined the theological and spiritual underpinning for the campaign.

Watch Ann Marie’s short talk here:

The event saw people pledge to make a change in their everyday life in order to combat climate change.

The campaign is calling on politicians to prioritise climate change in the 2015 general elections.

Scientists believe with 95 percent certainty that climate change is being driven by human activity, and CAFOD argues that this is the biggest threat to tackling poverty worldwide. A potential rise in temperatures over the next 20 years of up to three degrees could leave 200 million people at a risk of hunger.

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Catholic causes working for future generations

Judith Rees at the kindergarten of CAFOD partner SCAD (Social Change and Development) in India.

Judith Rees at the kindergarten of CAFOD partner SCAD (Social Change and Development) in India.

Millions of people around the world rely on the help they receive from Catholic organisations, but did you know that much of that work is funded by gifts in wills?

CAFOD is part of “Your Catholic Legacy” – a group of Catholic charities hoping to encourage people to leave a gift in their will to Catholic causes.

Legacies come in all shapes and sizes and every gift is a lasting reminder of our dedicated friends who help us in this far-reaching way: friends like Judith Rees. Continue reading

Prayer for Peace in the Middle East

God of peace, bearer of hope,
we seek your help
for the peoples of the Middle East.
Quiet the clamour of war
and guide us towards peace.
Where there is hatred and division
sow seeds of calm and openness.
Where there is destruction
help us to rebuild.
Where children are crying
bring an end to tears.
Shelter your peoples and protect them
Guide them and keep them from harm.
Show us how to break down the barriers of history and fear
and breathe whispers of hope.

Linda Jones/CAFOD

CAFOD is calling for a halt to the violence against civilians in Israel and Gaza. Find out more about our work here.