27th May 2017. Week of Action, Climate Lobby Training – Leeds

Week of Action 2017The Climate Coalition and Hope for the Future are offering free training for anyone seeking to engage their MP on climate change.

With three years of first hand experience and research into the most effective ways of engaging MPs on the topic of climate change, Hope for the Future’s training will provide support and advice to those wishing to make an impact on their MP.

The training will equip all those preparing for the Climate Coalition’s Speak Up Week of Action, from 1st – 9th July. Speak Up is a week of community events organised by campaigners to celebrate the people, places, and things they want to protect most from climate change. Find out more information here: www.weekofaction.org.uk.

The training will include;

– Practicalities of setting up a meeting and organising events.

– Effective communication with MPs and how to engage particularly challenging MPs.

– An opportunity to share good practice with other lobbyists.

– Hearing directly from policy makers and MPs what makes for effective lobbying.

Due to venue capacity there are limited spaces for the training so please register in advance. A light lunch and refreshments will be provided.

If you would like to organise your own event during Week of Action, please look here for more support and resources or contact Joanne at your local CAFOD Volunteer Centre in Leeds (0113) 275 9302 or email leeds@cafod.org.uk

Introducing Patrick – our new campaign volunteer co-ordinator

After spending nearly eight years serving in the British army, one Bradford University graduate is now enjoying his time working as a volunteer for aid agency CAFOD. 

Patrick Chabviaka

Patrick Chabviaka, CAFOD Leeds’ campaign volunteer co-ordinator

Patrick Chabviaka has been CAFOD Leeds’ campaign volunteer co-ordinator since February after taking a particular interest in international development.

Patrick said: “I graduated from university in 2014 having done an international development course but there is only so much you can learn through theories.

“I realise now what a huge role organisations like CAFOD play and I now have a better idea how campaigns work.”

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CAFOD Campaiging: Update from Leeds

PAtrick Pam Campaign meet

Patrick Taulo, Campaign Volunteer Coordinator discussing campaigning with Pam Lloyd

We are delighted to welcome Patrick Taulo to the CAFOD Leeds team. Patrick has recently taken up a voluntary position in the Leeds CAFOD Volunteer Centre as Campaign Volunteer Coordinator. Patrick comes to the office, usually once per week to help Campaign Volunteers across the Diocese of Leeds.


At a recent visit to the Leeds Volunteer Centre, Patrick met with Pam Lloyd, who has been volunteering for CAFOD in Leeds for many years.

Pam has a wealth of experience of campaigning and offered advice and support to Patrick in his new role,

“Always remember that the little actions volunteers take in support of campaigns will all add together to great effect.

“You and the volunteers you support, may wonder if their name on a petition, or a letter to the MP will make any difference to our brothers and sisters in the Global South, but I would assure you it all adds up and everyone’s voice counts”

Patrick has recently attended training in London with the Campigns team and over 20 other volunteers helping to coordinate campign actions across England and Wales. “It was onderful to meet with others who will be volunteering to support those interested in campaigning in their local communities. I studied International Development and this is a good way for me to put my skills into action, I can’t wait to get started. I am looking forward to meeting up with CAFOD supporters and campigners over the next few months.”

Patrick will be contacting our CAFOD Campaign Volunteers over the next few months to ask what actions they are engaging in and how they can get more involved. To arrange a time to meet with Patrick to talk about how you campaign in your local school, parish or community please email pchabviaka@cafod.org.uk

If you would like to know more about our current campaign actions, please visit this link or call the CAFOD Volunteers Centre (0113) 275 9302 alternatively you can email leeds@cafod.org.uk for more information.