Sat 23rd Jan 10:30am. Share your local news and help promote the CAFOD Lent Appeal 2021

Meet with CAFOD local worker Bronagh Daly to discuss Lent Appeal 2021 plans for your parish community. Everyone welcome!

About this Event

Grab a cuppa and join young people, families, catechists, parish secretaries, CAFOD groups, supporters and volunteers as we chat about what is happening in your local parishes and where CAFOD fits in with your plans for the next few months.


EVERYONE is welcome, so please pass this invitation to anyone in your parish community who is interested in helping to promote CAFOD.

Join our local discussions and help prepare for our Lent Appeal 2021

We will discuss questions like:

– How can I support my parish to engage with CAFOD when the church isn’t at full capacity or closed?

– Will there be support to set up an online event or promote a virtual walk?

– What will we be able to do to help raise awareness of CAFOD in light of the current lockdown and social distance restrictions?

– What can I offer to the housebound and young families, to help them get involved in CAFOD activities?

Once you register, I will send you a Zoom invitation to log in on the date that you have chosen.

I look forward to seeing you all soon


Bramley student fundraisers aim to support families overseas this Christmas through school raffle

A year 6 class in Christ the King, Bramley, have been raising funds to buy a goat as part of their CAFOD World Gifts Christmas raffle.

Students, families and staff at Christ the King Catholic Primary school have been fundraising for CAFOD since 2012, and have raised a total of £2324.37 to support the work of the overseas development charity.

Christ the King Year 6 pupils with their CAFOD festive hamper fundraising idea

Year 6 teacher Ms Anne Marie Wade has encouraged her class to think about the positive impact of a World Gift and how it can support families overseas. Over the last few weeks they have sold enough tickets for their festive hamper to raise the £28 needed to purchase a goat.  

“The children looked through the whole list of World Gifts on the CAFOD website and settled on a gift called ‘The Goat that Gives’. It has been great to watch them really get involved with the fundraising and also discuss as a class what this gift will mean to families living in the world’s poorest countries, especially those impacted by Coronavirus”, says Ms Wade.

Giving back means a lot to the students, and Ms Wade is very proud of her class “we are really proud of the efforts of Year 6 who have chosen CAFOD as their class charity this year, the families have been really supportive helping to put together the raffle and buying tickets. There is a lot of excitement in the class and we have organised a ‘virtual online visit’ with a member of the CAFOD team to speak directly to the children.” Ms Anne Marie Wade added

Leeds based CAFOD worker, Bronagh Daly, spotted the school’s fundraising post on Twitter, she says “it is so wonderful to hear the Year 6 class and how many tickets they are selling.

“Last week I received letters from the children telling me why they are putting their faith into action by showing support during Advent. In their letters students wrote that at this time, they want to promote justice and peace in their own homes and at school and feel connected to families across the world.

Bronagh continued, “I was so impressed with the care and consideration the Yr 6 group had shown, I asked if they would like a virtual online visit from a member of our school volunteer team. The following week, Aileen our newly qualified schools volunteer arranged with their teacher to speak LIVE via a video call into the classroom. The staff and students were so engaging and interested in our work. It is wonderful to see so much care, especially at a time when we cannot be close there is a real sense of connection from the solidarity shown by Year 6. We look forward to another virtual visit with them in the New Year”

CAFOD School Volunteer Aileen met with Year 6 online to hear all about their World Gifts plans

The Goat that Gives World Gift costs £28.00 and provides a family with up to 12 pints of milk per week and it also produces free fertiliser that can help a family grow their own crops.

Meanwood, St Urban’s Primary pupils families and staff prepare for Christmas with World Gifts

Words by Lesley Woods, St Urban’s Primary School

What does it mean to your school to support families who live in some of the world’s poorest communities?
It means we can help and serve others. It means we can help to make people’s lives easier and more comfortable. It means we are making a difference for the world’s poorest people. We can provide money to help families and communities buy food, clothing and medicines, to help pay for education and to help build homes and shelters.

Why does CAFOD matter to your school and local community?
It is a way of connecting our school to people around the world who are in need. It’s one way we can live out our Christian mission to help anyone in need. We have supported CAFOD for many years now and dedicate a lesson (during the teaching of PHSE) to the charity and what it does and who and how it helps others. 

Do the children feel a connection to the families they support?
The children do feel a connection to the families they support from the lessons taught in school, from the CAFOD website and resources shared on there. They like to watch the real-life stories about the children and families living in the poorest communities and countries. They love to hear about where their money has been spent and for who and what (World Gifts, clean water/pumps, Harvest Fast Day) They very much look forward to the CAFOD lessons in school.

St Urban’s Pupil with Advent themed artwork from a recent CAFOD session on World Gifts

What do you have planned for World Gifts?
We have recently delivered a lesson about Advent and have incorporated World Gifts into it (how we can prepare for the birth of Jesus) – giving to charity (CAFOD) being one of ways to prepare. We are fund raising for this in each class and will buy as many World Gifts as we can. We are hoping to purchase several cleaning kits as we think they are very important at this particular time.

Would you like a CAFOD school volunteer to do an online virtual visit or a recorded THANK YOU message?
Please can we have a recorded video thank you message. (CLICK HERE to see the Thank You video from Helen)

If you are inspired by what you have read about St Urban’s Primary students, families and staff efforts to raise awareness and funds for CAFOD Keep Clean Kits please get in touch we would love to hear your story!