CAFOD supporters raise over £12 million at Christmas

world-gifts-2016-coverCAFOD’s World Gift Schemes, now in its twelfth year, has been embraced by the Catholic community as a way to give gifts that help transform the lives of poor communities in developing countries.

Since its introduction in 2004, the generosity of the Catholic community has seen the scheme raise over £12 million, with 103,000 school starter kits, 46,000 goats, 38,000 chickens and 3,000 queen bees having been bought as presents by Catholics in England and Wales. Last year alone, communities in England and Wales taught over 4,000 children to read through fundraising for World gifts.

Since last year, Catholics in the Diocese of Leeds have been given the opportunity to buy a ‘Winter Survival Kit’ for refugees this winter, giving those in need food, fuel and blankets to protect them against the cold. This is alongside the action of over 13,000 Catholics across the country who have written messages of hope and welcome to refugees. These messages will be dedicated to refugees across the world in a special event in Salford on 3 December.

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Catholics in Diocese of Leeds will also this year have the chance to give a ‘Tree for Life’ gift which is a new initiative being run by CAFOD this year. The gift will supply a family with five fruit tree saplings plus the tools and training to produce their own nursery. When a Trees for Life gift is purchased, CAFOD will send a spruce seed Christmas decoration for the purchaser to plant and grow their own trees. The charity is hoping to plant a total of 10,000 seeds both in the UK and overseas.

CAFOD representative in Leeds, Joanne Taylor said:

“We are so thankful to Catholics in Diocese of Leeds for their generosity in recent years to help those living in extreme poverty. World Gifts are meaningful gifts that make a huge difference to lives of so many communities around the world and help transform lives this Christmas.”

Gifts come with an illustrated gift card to give to a friend or loved one, and feature a range of gifts for children and stocking fillers, while orders over £50 will receive a free CAFOD tea-towel. E-certificates can be downloaded until Christmas Eve for last minute gift buyers. Parishes and schools can come together to fundraise for larger gifts to help a whole community, such as a £4000 Health Clinic or a £750 community water supply.

Holy Family School collects change to buy £600 of World Gifts


Holy Family, Leeds, Cafod, World Gifts.

The Fairtrade Group in action

Office staff at Holy Family School in Keighley were bemused to be presented with an order for processing that included a donkey, 2 pigeons, 3 vegetable gardens, 2 goats and a chicken breeding unit.

The Fairtrade Group in school had spent December 2015 collecting small change in order to donate £600 to CAFOD’s World Gifts. This scheme solves the problem of choosing a gift that is ultimately unwanted clutter and provides tremendous help to someone who can really benefit from it.

Farming is often the only means of survival for people living in poverty. But, for many, poor climate, lack of equipment, or no training makes even just growing enough food to survive impossible. The animals and vegetable gardens bought by the Fairtrade Group will offer long-term farming solutions for people in the most vulnerable communities.

James Moreland, leader of the Fairtrade Group said, “I was amazed at the response. I fully expected a few pounds from each Tutor Group for a bee hive or a couple of chickens but to be able to send £600 for a package that includes health kit, new business support and whole vegetable gardens is terrific. And it all comes from loose change that no-one really missed. It is a very simple way in to understanding how a little can go a long way in the developing world.”

CAFOD is the Holy Family’s development partner and many fundraising events are organised throughout the school year to raise vital funds.

Have a look at the Resources for Schools to fundraise for World Gifts or contact Joanne Taylor on 0113 275 9302.



St Benedict’s Primary School raise money for World Gifts


St Benedict’s School Council and Mrs Donnelly (PTA Secretary) presenting the cheque to CAFOD school volunteers Catherine Simpson and Pat Atha

Pupils from St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School in Garforth, Leeds have continued to support CAFOD again this year by purchasing some World gifts through their summer sports day fundraising idea.  After collecting coins in empty water bottles, provided by the PTA and raising a tremendous £536 in the process, school councillors met and deliberated over which world gifts they could buy.

The children gave serious thought to which gifts they would choose and wanted especially to provide some of the world’s poorest communities with tools and resources to help change lives for the better.  Eventually they decided on a medical outreach team, a chicken breeding farm, water for a family and a school starter pack.  They even received a free tea towel for cookery club!