Bring something you are thankful for this weekend in Carlton

Children in Carlton have been encouraged to bring something in that they want to say thank you for as part of fundraising for CAFOD. 

Harvest Fast Day Tweet (2)

The money raised will go to the CAFOD Harvest appeal

St Mary’s Church are raising money in a variety of ways after 11.15am mass on Sunday October 15.

Everybody is invited to bring something they are thankful for to the mass, with a particular emphasis on children. This could be anything from a tin of food to a football.

There is also an opportunity to bring cakes for a stall after mass which will be run by children.

Pupils from Holy Family High School have also been invited to help out with the fundraising.

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Sophie ‘Steps into the Gap’ with Leeds Trinity University

We are delighted to welcome Sophie Aulton back to CAFOD in the Diocese of Leeds as a ‘Step into the Gap’ volunteer. Sophie started her placement at Leeds Trininty University a fortnight ago, welcoming fresher’s and returning students and sharing opportunities for them to explore their faith through the chaplaincy services.

Slim pic of Sophie LTU ChaplaincySophie will be supporting the Chaplaincy team with CAFOD campaigns, prayer and fundraising actions throughout the year. As part of her year with CAFOD, sophie will be visiting local schools and parishes to talk about her expereince in Global Development and is currently preparing for her international visit, working with our charity partners in El Salvador. Please remember her in your prayers and wish her all the best in her placement year with Leeds Trinity University Chaplaincy.

Sophie previously volunteered for 6 months with the volunteers and Community Participation Coordinators here at the CAFOD Volunteer Centre, based at Hinsley Hall in Leeds.

If you would like to invite Sophie to your school or parish, please get in touch with either Joanne or Bronagh (0113) 275 9302 or send us an email to

For more information about CAFOD’s gap year programme ‘Step into the Gap’ please click here

Soophie freshers at LTU Chaplainicy

Sophie is the one standing on the left under the massive arrow!!. Also pictured are members of the LTU Chaplaincy team.

Patrick and Bronagh tell Sainsbury’s “Don’t ditch Fairtrade”

Patrick Chabviaka is a volunteer with CAFOD and is trying to reach as many parishes and schools to engage in CAFOD camping actions including ‘Power to Be’ and ‘Live Simply’

This morning Patrick took action and downloaded the letter to give to his local Sainsbury Store Manager saying he was really unhappy that they have decided to ditch the Fairtrade certification on their popular Red label and Gold Label tea products. (Link to the letter to download here)

FairTrade Patrick letter

Patrick Chabviaka: Wrtiting to Sainsbury’s asking them not to ditch Fairtrade


Patrick said, “I am really worried about this, the communities I have seen to benefit from Fairtrade will be badly effected by this decision. I am going into my local Sainsbury’s this afternoon to let them know how I feel and that they should reconsider.”

Sainsbury’s is the largest retailer of Fairtrade products in the UK. They’ve decided to abandon Fairtrade certification on some of their own-brand tea products and pilot their own scheme instead, known as ‘Fairly Traded’.

Tea farmers in Africa have publicly opposed the move away from the Fairtrade Mark as it takes away their power to decide where to invest the Fairtrade Premium in their communities. We are concerned that this new ‘Fairly Traded’ tea, and any products that follow it, could mean an unfair deal for poor farmers.

Bronagh was inspired to do likewise, “Patrick is such a good campaign volunteer, he has encourage so many people in parishes across the Diocese of Leeds to take part in actions that collectively will make a big difference. I will be handing my local Sainsbury’s store Manager a letter this afternoon too. If you want to organise a group action but you’re not really sure where to begin, you can find an organiser’s guide, Fairtrade mug props, fliers and even a template press release on the Don’t Ditch Fairtrade website and let us know what you get up to by sending a tweet to @CAFODLeeds

Fairtrade tea pots

Campaigners outside the Sainsbury’s AGM have a clear message: Don’t ditch Fairtrade on its own-brand tea.

For more information, click here

Please let us know if you have downloaded the letter and handed it to your local Sainsbury’s Store Manager (0113) 275 9302