Skipton Family Fast Day briefing Sunday 10th February 2019

Everyone is invited to attend the Family Fast Day briefing on Sunday the 10th of February at St Stephen’s Church Skipton straight after 9:30am mass. During this briefing you will be able to hear about Mahinur in Bangladesh, and her struggle to provide food for her family, and how you can help. You will be able to see prayer resources and begin planning for family fast day which will be happening on the 15th of March 2019. So if you would like to come along please do and bring your families, friends and anyone who may be interested to find out more with you!  So why not come along?

lent fast day 2019

Mahinur in Bangladesh – no one should call this dinner.

If you would like to find out more about Family Fast Day click here  

Event: Family Fast Day briefing
Venue: St Stephens, Castle View Terrace, Skipton BD23 1NT
Time: 9:30am

You don’t need to book a place just come along and we look forward to meeting you there

Bingley: Sacred Heart church welcomes families and volunteers to Fast Day briefing

On Saturday 19th January 2019, Sacred Heart church in Bingley opened up their doors to welcome families, CAFOD volunteers and supporters to a Lent Family Fast Day briefing held straight after the 5pm mass. Sacred Heart Bingley’s CAFOD Parish Volunteer Maria Beckwith helped to organise the event along with Fr Sean and the parish’s Third World Interest Group (TWIG)

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Bronagh Daly, CAFOD representative for the Diocese of Leeds delivered a presentation outlining the opportunity for prayer, fasting and fundraising during the Lenten Appeal to support families who live in the world’s most poorest countries.

“I was delighted to meet with so many CAFOD supporters, parish Volunteers and families who came along to our Family Fast Day briefing at Scared Heart, Bingley.”

Families and CAFOD volunteers had a look at all the Lent video, envelopes, posters and resources available to help them to pray, fast and give alms this Lent to support families like Mahinur’s who struggle to find enough food to eat. There was a great energy at the event, and Fr Sean commented that the parish will be praying and giving alms in the weeks around the Family Fast Day. Parishioners were thankful to see so many people from neighbouring parishes in the deanery attend the event, Maria Beckwith acknowledged those who had travelled a distance to come along and thanked everyone for their continued support in changing the systems and structures that create poverty.

lent fast day 2019

After 20 minutes fishing in the river outside her home, Mahinur has caught just one small fish.

All those who attended watched the video from our partners in Bangladesh showing the hardship Mahinur’s family are facing, how the fish have all gone from the river due to flooding. Sacred Heart church, along with many other parishes across the Diocese of Leeds will be joining Mahinur in solidarity by having a simple meal on Family Fast day and give alms to CAFOD to support those who hunger and thirst.

The next Family Fast Day Briefing will be at St Stephen’s Church, straight after the 9:30am mass on Sunday 10th February. Families, CAFOD volunteers and supporters are all very welcome to attend. Please let your CAFOD Community Participation Coordinator Bronagh Daly know you will be coming by sending an email to or call (0113) 275 9302.

And don’t forget to send us pictures of your Family Fast Day, prayer, fasting and fundraising or even a recipe from your soup lunch and we can share them on CAFOD in Leeds Twitter and CAFOD in Leeds Facebook.


Uganda Trip for our Gapper: Bon Voyage Madeline

Our Gapper Madeline will be heading off to Uganda this weekend as part of her ‘Step into the Gap’ year of volunteering with CAFOD. Her placement is hosted 4 days per week by our partner Leeds Trinity University Chaplaincy and on a Friday, Madeline supports our schools and parish work across the Diocese of Leeds.

We asked Madeline, how she is feeling and what she is thinking about just before she sets off.

madeline before uganda trip coffee on the landing

The Chaplaincy team at LTU share a cuppa with Madeline before she departs to Uganda

“My main hope for my trip to Uganda is in what I can bring back to the UK. I will have a unique opportunity which will allow me to learn not just stories, but about the lives of those almost 6,000 miles away. I will then be able to share this snapshot of life with others when I return to the UK, hopefully encouraging people to continue their amazing support of CAFOD.

There is often a divide between prayer and service for a lot of Catholics, myself included. Prayer is one thing, which in my experience is usually quiet and often alone. Service is something entirely different, and focuses on relationships with people rather than a relationship with God. I feel that my time in Uganda will help to change this view. I will be seeing people live their faith, helping others as a service not just to humanity and the world, but also God. I am hoping to share this change in view, as I feel it is important that the connection is made between our relationships with others and our relationship with God.

“It is true that the primacy belongs to our relationship with God, but we cannot forget that the ultimate criterion on which our lives will be judged is what we have done for others.” Gaudete et Exsultate; Pope Francis 2018


When I return from Uganda, I am going to be running a workshop on this topic at Youth 2000 at Leeds Trinity University. In Uganda I will be able to see people truly living their faith, and really living the values set out in the Bible. I will be a living link between the communities in Uganda and those in the UK. I am taking messages of hope to Uganda from those in Leeds, both at schools and at the university. I hope to also bring messages back from those being supported by CAFOD overseas.

I do, of course, also have many hopes for the time I spend in Uganda. I hope to experience a culture hugely different to my own, meet some incredible people and truly get to know the work CAFOD and partners do.

If you would like to book Madeline for a talk or a workshop at your parish or school, please let us know or call (0113) 275 9302

For more information on our ‘Step into the Gap’ programme take a look here