Oscar Romero: a man of God

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By Monsignor Ricardo Urioste, Archbishop Romero’s Vicar General and close friend

Monsignor Urioste in the church where Romero was murdered Monsignor Urioste in the church where Romero was murdered

One of my first memories of Archbishop Oscar Romero was when I accompanied him to Rome in 1977. I can never sleep on a plane, so when we arrived at around eight o’clock in the morning, I was thinking about sleeping for a while. Then somebody knocked at my door. I opened, and it was Bishop Romero. He said, “Do you want to go for a stroll?” I said, “Yes, we should. Let’s go!”

And so we went directly to St Peter’s Basilica. He entered the basilica, went to the altar of the confession and he knelt down. I knelt down with him. After something like five minutes, I stood up. I saw him in such deep prayer that I said to myself: “I have to follow this man because…

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50 years of Partnership, Solidarity and Hope

On the anniversary of the martyrdom of Archbishop Romero, an inspirational figure for CAFOD, join us for a special afternoon of celebration.

Wheeler Hall,
St Anne’s Cathedral
2.00 – 5.00
Saturday 24th March


Anne Marie Mealey, Lecturer and CAFOD Theological Adviser

John Battle, Lecturer, Catholic Social Teaching

Chris Bain, Director of CAFOD

followed by

Celebration of Mass

6pm St. Anne’s Cathedral

Bishop John Rawsthorne,
recently retired Chair of  CAFOD

Contact the Leeds Office to book a place for the afternoon.
0113 2759302  leeds@cafod.org.uk