Connect2 Scheme Inspires CAFOD Volunteers

As part of volunteers’ week, we spoke to two Leeds volunteers who have dedicated their time towards aid agency CAFOD’s exciting Connect2 campaign. Connect2 world image and logo

Connect2 links communities in England & Wales with people in Brazil, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Cambodia and Peru. 

The scheme is built on CAFOD’s values of solidarity and partnership, where parishes in the UK are able to stand alongside communities overseas to fight against poverty and injustice.

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Assumption CAFOD Group Auction of Promises

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The CAFOD group at the Assumption Church in Leeds (part of the parish of Our Lady of Kirkstall) held an Auction of Promises on April 26. We held it on a Sunday afternoon and combined it with Afternoon Tea – for which people paid a modest entry fee.

It was something that the group had never done before so we were a bit unsure and had many discussions (too many!) about how to handle different circumstances and aspects of the organisation of the event. Our hopes were that we could make £500 – £800 out of the event to support our Connect2El Salvador link with the communities in the area around Puentecitos.

We had a catalogue of 45 promises. They included all sorts of things from many different members of the church community and some people from the other two church communities that form part of the parish. Promises ranged from our church Ceilidh band offering to do a ceilidh for someone’s special occasion, through offers of IT or GCSE tuition to doing cleaning or ironing or making home made soup.

We were fortunate to have in our church community Peter Dowson who is a member of the Toastmasters Association. He agreed to act as Auctioneer for us and came suitably togged up in a very impressive outfit.

About 60 people turned up on the day.  There was a certain feverish atmosphere in the room as the auction started and when, quite early on, there was a bidding war over two hours of IT tuition (!) it became clear that this was probably going to turn out a bit differently to what we had expected. Peter was very efficient and the whole auction element was completed (all 45 promises) within 45 minutes. People were then able to relax over a cup of tea (or something stronger as the bar was open) along with a few sandwiches and cakes. Many people were unable to successfully bid for anything but the auction itself was fast-moving and entertaining in its own right. Many people remarked how much they had enjoyed the occasion and quite a few who were not able to bid successfully donated the money they would have paid for a promise.

19-DSC05025 19. (F). jpg.           23-DSC05031 23. (F). jpg.

When all the successful bids were totted up, and the entry money (and donations) added in, the total for the whole event came to £2255 which was beyond the wildest expectations of anyone in the group.  Our thanks go to all who supported the event in so many different ways, and this in turn reflects the commitment of everyone in the Assumption church community to the work of of Cafod and to our link with Puentecitos1.

Margaret with Fidel Ramos, from Puentecitos, El Salvador

Imagefrom PuentecitosCAFOD Diocesan Manager Plans to Retire

After seven very happy and very privileged years working for CAFOD in Leeds Diocese, manager Margaret Siberry will be retiring in December.  Please read the advertisment below.

CAFOD Diocesan Manager:

Do you want to turn your passionate interest in overseas development and global justice into action, working within the local Catholic community of the Diocese of Leeds? CAFOD is looking to appoint a Diocesan Manager to recruit, manage and motivate a team of volunteers across the Diocese to support our fundraising, campaigning and education programmes in parish, school and youth communities. The post holder also manages the CAFOD Diocesan Officer and has responsibility for managing and developing a wide range of strategic relationships, representing and promoting CAFOD locally and delivering CAFOD’s plan throughout the Diocese. The post is located in Leeds and is a 12 month (minimum) opportunity. Closing date for applications is 7th October and interviews will take place on 17th October in Leeds.

For full details please see: and follow the link to UK Jobs

Come and join us and help make a real difference in the lives of the world’s poorest communities.